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by Matt Barker

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"The Irish have had a huge influence on Maine, and we're not talking green beer, potatoes and Irish whiskey...

The Irish came to Maine long before the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840s and '50s — many coming from Canada — beginning the process of integration as early as the Civil War...

They have founded our communities, built our ships, organized our churches, led our government, run our factories and pioneered our arts...In Bangor and Lewiston, they built and ran the mills. In Portland they worked the docks..."

Paula Gibbs
Lewiston Sun Journal
Mar 14, 2010

Portland sites by Matt Barker:
  1. Cassidy Hill
  2. West Commercial Street
  3. Western Cemetery
  4. Capt. Daniel L. Bogan House
  5. James McGlinchy House
  6. St. Dominic's Rectory
  7. St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church (Maine Irish Heritage Center)
  8. Mercy Hospital
  9. Portland Fire Museum
  10. Monastery of the Precious Blood
  11. Conroy-Tully-Crawford Funeral Home
  12. Lafayette Hotel
  13. St. Elizabeth's Home
  14. Portland Museum of Art
  15. St. Elizabeth's Academy (Cheverus Classical High School)
  16. Jefferson Theater
  17. Donahue's
  18. Maine Historical Society (Wadsworth-Longfellow House)
  19. Hibernian Hall (Maine Historical Society)
  20. Monument Square
  21. Tom O'Neil's Grave
  22. Center Street
  23. Staples School (Center Street School)
  24. Brian Boru
  25. Gill House (Fraternity House)
  26. John Ford Statue
  27. Memory Wheel
  28. Gorham's Corner
  29. Bull Feeney's
  30. United States Custom House
  31. Workingmen's Club
  32. East Commercial Street
  33. Portland Waterfront/Harbor
  34. Grand Trunk Building
  35. Portland Police Department
  36. Portland City Hall
  37. Portland High School
  38. Central Fire Station
  39. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  40. Kavanagh School / Cathedral High School
  41. Eastern Cemetery
  42. North School
  43. Murphy Block
  44. Daly Block
  45. Francis W. Cunningham House
  46. Boyhood Home of John Ford
  47. Boyhood Home of Governor Brennan
  48. Portland Observatory
  49. Sacred Heart Church
  50. Neal Dow Memorial House
  51. The Maine Institution for the Blind
  52. The Portland Expo
  53. Fitzpatrick Stadium
  54. St. Patrick's School
  55. St. Joseph's Convent, The Motherhouse
  56. Catherine McAuley High School
  57. St. Joseph's Church
  58. Cheverus High School
South Portland sites by Matt Barker:
  1. Knightville
  2. Griffin Club
  3. South Portland Post Office
  4. Holy Cross Church
  5. Holy Cross School
  6. Mahoney Middle School
  7. McGlinchey Brewery
  8. Fort Preble
  9. Portland Head Light
  10. James and Annie Rowe Home
  11. Larry Rowe's Golf Course (South Portland Municipal)
  12. St. John the Evangelist Church
  13. Ligonia
  14. Calvary Cemetery
  15. Bishop Healy Monument

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